The AgroYouth Futures

The next generation of young people in the African region who will combat food insecurity, achieve sustainable development in agriculture and feed the growing population must be trained and provided with capacity to succeed in their dreams; platforms to network with key payers and industry; and tools to implement their developed skills and trainings. As one of our projects at the Agro-Youth Centre, The Agro-Youth Futures will initiate research training programmes and capacity development as well as networking opportunities between young people in agriculture and necessary key players and industry captains in agriculture, agribusiness and value chains development so they can bridge the gap in food demand and food production in the African region. The Agro-Youth Futures will also provide mentoring opportunities for young people in agriculture in the region so they can learn from other African experts at home and in diaspora who have years of experience and have shown results in the work in agriculture. Check this page regularly for updates and information on this project. If you know any agriculture, agribusiness and or value chain development company or organisation that will be interested in partnership for this project, kindly contact us at or +61422344912. We must save and raise the next generation of Agro-Youths in Africa.


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