Battling the nonexistent Food Crisis

……….In a time of crisis, any kind of crisis, people’s behaviour is often predictable. When unemployed, people will do one of two things depending on the type of support they have available……

The FARA Social Reporters Blog

During my research on Global Food Security  I heard various opinions about the Food Crisis and how we should tackle it. Ranging from “we should do more” and “we should do less”, every government, NGO, company or researcher considers food security as a societal problem that must be dealt with now.

But a statement left me utterly perplexed: “many don’t actually see a food crisis coming” said a representative of the European Coordination of Via Campesina. And the statement is absolutely correct. Although more than 256,000 people died in Somalia in the past two years of hunger and food riots have become more frequent on all continents, the vast majority of people don’t care about a possible Food Crisis and, thus, when they hear news regarding food security, they just change the channel.

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