Opening Young Minds to Africa’s Agriculture – How the 6th AASW connects the dots

“…..The older generation recognizes the need to equip young minds with appropriate skills and knowledge to be tomorrow’s scientists and agricultural leaders….”

The FARA Social Reporters Blog

“Africa now needs desperately to redesign its self-image, create an environment of peace and stability and plan a new science-led future appropriate to its culture, needs and aspirations. In essence, it must become Africa-centered.”

Thomas R.Odhiambo, 1993

The forthcoming 6th Africa Agriculture Science Week (AASW) comes at an opportune time for Africa. The event poises the continent to surpass earlier generations in terms of transformation, innovation and leadership agenda. Great minds converging in Accra, Ghana will seek to refine ways and means to bring agricultural progress into our circles of influence. Hence, to connect science and agriculture at this high-level platform of thinkers and practitioners fits well as a way to capture young farmers’ realities and the opportunities for young agriculturalists in everyday life.

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