The INK Fellows program mobilizes young innovators and changemakers from emerging economies, providing them the support necessary to leverage their impact on society. We seek out budding luminaries in any field, who have proven their potential to be the architects of tomorrow.

We have two main goals:

To create a cross-disciplinary community of like-minded peers, be they entrepreneurs or artists, scientists or social advocates, musicians or technologists. We understand that the experience of being a changemaker can be isolating, as it can lack the financial security, clarity of direction, and social support network that comes with traditional jobs. Being an INK Fellow provides the development, mentorship and peer-support necessary to take brilliant ideas to the next level.

To provide public exposure, so that our changemakers gain access to potential customers, funding opportunities, accolades and other forms of support critical to their development and success. We aim to give our fellows not only a platform from which to make their ideas heard, but also the tools of communication to ensure they’re noticed.

INK Fellows receive:

  • All expenses covered to attend the annual INK conference (including the conferencefee, airfare and hotel accommodation)
  • The opportunity to network with prominent speakers and attendees
  • The opportunity to be selected for a speaking slot at the INK conference
  • In-depth coaching in compelling public communication, and how to give an INKtalk
  • Fellows located in India: local speaking engagement at least one INK event during the Fellowship year
  • The opportunity to have their INKtalk selected to be posted online at
  • The support and camaraderie of the Fellows peer community
  • INK social media exposure throughout the Fellowship year
  • Customized assistance dependent upon the needs of each fellow

 INK Fellows already have:

  • A powerful vision for the world
  • Taken tangible steps to fulfill this vision
  • Demonstrated serious accomplishment at a young age
  • A compelling and inspiring story
  • A need of active support from the INK community
  • The capability to actively support and enrich the INK community
  • The ability to articulate and communicate succinctly

  Apply here to be an INK2013 Fellow (Applications open 15th April, 2013)


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